Dr Caroline Vincent has over 20 years of experience in developing business information, analytical and forecasting models in the healthcare sector.

She has an MBA from INSEAD and a PhD in biology.


Clients call upon Infoceutical when they want:

  • A practical approach to forecasting and modelling
  • Results delivered in a straightforward
    meaningful way
  • A reliable third-party expert who respects their confidentiality

For the past 10 years, Infoceutical has worked with pharmaceutical companies, consultancy firms, information providers, and academic departments.


Infoceutical understands that the end user wants intuitive, easy to use tools even when sophisticated modelling techniques are used in the background.

This is a non-exhaustive list designed to give you a flavour of the capabilities of Infoceutical:

  • Patient based models used for portfolio review, prioritisation of R&D projects and acquisition
  • Consolidation tools for analysing brand forecasts across countries. Developed for more than 20 brands to fit the strategy of each franchise
  • Forecasting models to create simultaneous forecasts of generic molecules at pack level. Useful for financial evaluation of baskets of multiple molecules across multiple countries
  • Pipeline drug models including mathematical modelling of penetration curves, probability assessments of revenue and NPV and scenario management tools
  • A Key Account Management tool. Used to assess and compare the potential of hospitals and to measure brand performance against competition
  • Sales target models. Used to set representative annual targets, based on the modelling of multiple indicators, and to distribute and to adjust
    monthly targets

To discuss your future projects
or if you have any questions,
please contact Caroline Vincent.